We are fortunate to call the house Miles M. McNair built in 1896 our home. My passion is not just the history and preservation of our house, but also the stories of folks who have lived here before us, as well as the history of Brodhead.

Grace Elizabeth McNair, daughter of the Miles, was a fascinating and well educated woman. The name of this blog is inspired from her University of Wisconsin yearbook byline: 

"In lap of legends old."

This quote is from a John Keats' poem, "The Eve of St. Agnes," which is a beautiful and romantic story of a love so strong, it is literally a heavenly experience.

With a love of the Victorian era, history, and the preservation of the tales of folks who have come before us, I created this space to document my research for future generations.

My name is Jessica Colaluca, and welcome to the Lap of Legends blog. I hope you find the histories and stories shared here interesting. As I share my journey, you will see I often uncover more mysteries than answers. For fellow history buffs passionate about unearthing facts about those who paved the way ... historical Brodhead facts, genealogies, stories, or inqiries are also quite welcome.